Each of our creative business decisions is taken with the upmost respect for both our local and global environment.

Our packaging is totally biodegradable, all of our products are made without palm oil, and neither our soaps nor their ingredients are tested on animals.

We use Local Ingredients

  • Our honey and beeswax comes from local bee keepers
  • Our Ale soap is made using ale from local breweries
  • Our Dartmoor Goat’s Milk Soap is made with fresh, local goat’s milk 

See the Soaps

Fig and Honey Soap

Dartmoor pony by Al King

Our Charity Pledge

In our mission to support and raise awareness about Dartmoor’s natural environment, 5p from each bar of The Dartmoor Soap Company®’s soap sold will be donated to Dartmoor Pony Heritage Trust (Registered Conservation & Educational Charity 1109196).

Photo credit: Dartmoor pony by Al King

A Living Wage Employer

Here at The Dartmoor Soap Company, we are proud to be a Living Wage Employer.

The real Living Wage is the only UK wage rate that is voluntarily paid by nearly 6,000 UK businesses who believe their staff deserve a fair day’s pay for a hard day’s work.
As a Living Wage Employer, we are committed to paying the real Living Wage which is higher than the government minimum.