A Mischievous Mutt’s Dog Shampoo Bar

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A natural shampoo bar for furry friends. So natural in fact, less furry owners can use it too!

Min. Net Weight 85g


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A 100% natural dog shampoo bar guaranteed to leave our furry friends’ coats gleaming. Our bespoke essential oil blend focused on repelling fleas and ticks whilst at the same time tackling the likes of the dreaded fox poo smell. Made with natural oils chosen for their soothing properties our dog shampoo bar can calm the itchiest of skins, resulting in very happy hounds!

Made from

Ingredients: Olea europaea (Pumice olive oil), Aqua (water), Cocus Nucifera (Coconut oil), Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower oil), Cera alba (Beeswax), Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea butter), *Eucalyptus globules (Eucalyptus oil), *Lavandula augustifolia (Lavender oil).

Potential allergens naturally occurring within the essential oils. 

Linalool & Limonene.

Free from SLS, SLR and palm oil.

Always use a free-draining soap dish to allow your natural soap to dry out in between uses.

Please note:

Our dog shampoo bars are handmade in small batches here at The Dartmoor Soap Company HQ on Dartmoor, Devon. Due to the nature of the handmade process bars may vary slightly in shape. Each bar’s minimum weight, however, is identical and clearly labelled in line with EU guidelines for cosmetic products. All our packaging is recyclable and wherever possible we try to use locally sourced and sustainably harvested ingredients.

5p from every bar of natural soap sold is donated to Dartmoor Pony Heritage Trust.

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Additional information

Weight85 g
Dimensions8 × 6 × 2 cm

8 reviews for A Mischievous Mutt’s Dog Shampoo Bar

  1. Melanie

    Thank you Denise! We’re so pleased that your dog and you are enjoying our Soap !

  2. Denise

    I was given 2 bars of this dog shampoo bar by a friend and I love it, so much so that I kept one bar for myself! It does the dog coats amazingly and it’s lovely and soft for my skin – a definite Win/Win 😁👍

  3. Melanie

    Thank you for your great feedback Leah…we are so glad to hear that our products have helped!

  4. Leah Puleston (verified owner)

    I have used this on my shih tzu bitch who is always itching with hot spots a thing with this breed , however I can say once I bathed her with this soap she has not itched for more than a week I am very impressed and as I show her her coat is very good too shame you dont do a conditioner for dogs

  5. Sophie

    Lovely! Thanks so much Maxine!

  6. Maxine Field (verified owner)

    Wilson would like to say that, although he hates baths, it was all so easy peasy and quick with this soap his mummy bought from you! Smelling fresh, feeling cool and a very happy boy! If he was (actually, to me, he is!) the dog version of James Bond his new ‘aftershave’ would have all the girls swooning!!

  7. Sophie

    Thanks so much Polly… for both reviews!! We are so glad your lab smells nice now!

  8. Sophie

    Thanks so much Polly… for both reviews!! We are so glad your lab smells nice now!

  9. Polly (verified owner)

    This is fantastic. I was given my first bar as a present and I have just ordered 3 more. My lab loves to roll in loads of smelly stuff on walks and this is just fab, her cosat looks amazing and she smells lovely. Couldn’t recommend this product more

  10. Polly (verified owner)

    I have a lab that loves to bathe in thick smelly mud every time we go for a walk. I dont mind now having discovered this soap because its leaving her smelling great and her coat looks fab. I was given my first bar as a present and I’ve just ordered 3 more … this is the best way to clean your dog!

  11. Jordan

    I was given the mischievous mutts soap bar in my Christmas stocking last year from my mum who purchased the soap in a small shop in Brixham! Both my dogs are on the farm with me everyday come rain or shine and I have a naughty terrier who loves to roll in… well, anything gross! I’ve just used this soap for the first time on them both and it smells lovely, is super easy to use (I literally rubbed them all over with the bar and then gave them a good rub to work it through their coats. But best of all when it came to rinsing them down it literally just washed straight out! Didn’t have to repeatedly rinse them and make sure there was no soap suds left in their coat etc… (by which point they are getting fidgety and bored!)
    My little terrier has a very thick under coat and so I can spend forever rinsing him over and over… but not anymore! ???? he also has sensitive skin due to allergies but hasn’t shown any sign of irritation an hour or so later, and both dogs smell fab!
    Have recommended to a friend with a dog who has very sensitive skin, and will keep recommending to anyone and everyone with dogs! Thanks for making an awesome product that is very well priced too (my two dogs being bathed has hardly made an indent on the soap so I imagine it’s going to last a while too!!!!) thanks guys keep up the great work! And a special thanks from Ace and Toby for making bath time a lot quicker and easier! ????????????????

  12. Sophie

    Thanks so much for your feedback Gina! Thats great to hear!

  13. Gina Chamberlain

    I’ve been trying all sorts of shampoo bars and so far this is the best. It says less furry owners can use it too, and they are right!!!

  14. Sophie Disney (verified owner)

    I have a very hairy and muddy Irish Wolfhound and have always used a medicated shampoo on her but thought I would give this a go. It worked really well! The soap spread really well and built up a nice lather and really got into her coat. Rinsed off nicely and she was left smelling and looking beautiful. Because of her size I could go through a bottle in a couple of washes but this bar lasts ages. And she hasn’t had any skin irritations!

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