Shampoo Bar Cantankerous Curls

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A 100% handmade, natural vegan shampoo bar made with moisturising castor oil and scented with Cedarwood and Sweet Orange essential oils.

To learn more about using vegan shampoo bars, and for some useful tips, read our post on How to Switch to a Shampoo Bar.

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Our best-selling curly hair shampoo bar is made with 100% natural ingredients and free from plastic, chemicals and palm oil. Coconut and olive oils combine to cleanse the hair of any product build up or residue, whilst castor oil leaves hair with a beautiful shine. Always use a free-draining soap dish to allow your natural soap to dry out in between uses.

New to natural shampoo bars? To learn more and pick up some useful tips read our post on How to Switch to a Shampoo Bar.

Made From

Cocus Nucifera (Coconut oil), Aqua (Water), Olea europea (Pumice olive oil), Ricinus Communis (Castor oil), Theobroma cacao (Cocoa butter). *Cupressus funebris (Cedarwood essential oil), *Citrus aurantium dulcis (Sweet Orange essential oil).

*Potential allergens naturally occurring within the essential oils. 

*Linalool, Limonene, Citral.

Free from SLS, SLR and palm oil.

Please note:

Our shampoo bars are handmade in small batches here at The Dartmoor Soap Company HQ on Dartmoor, Devon. Due to the nature of the handmade process bars may vary slightly in shape. Each bar’s minimum weight, however, is identical and clearly labelled in line with EU guidelines for cosmetic products. All our packaging is recyclable and wherever possible we try to use locally sourced and sustainably harvested ingredients.

5p from every bar of natural soap sold is donated to Dartmoor Pony Heritage Trust.

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Weight90 g

24 reviews for Shampoo Bar Cantankerous Curls

  1. Sophie (verified owner)

    Thank you so much Magda, we’re so pleased it is working for you.

  2. Magda (verified owner)

    I’m never going back! 🙂 I’ve tried natural shampoos before, but they all left my hair dry, tangled and frizzy but not anymore! Curls look so much better and friends have noticed. I’ve ordered more bars for Xmas gifts and will be stocking up for myself. Thank you.

  3. Melanie

    Wow! Thanks for your wonderful feedback Hermione! We’re delighted that you are enjoying our Shampoo Bar

  4. Hermione Bigwood (verified owner)

    Best Shampoo bar I have found for my coarse red curls, combats frizz and the bar lasts well and my hair looks great.

  5. Sophie

    Thank you so much for your feedback Felicity, we’re so glad it works for you!

  6. Felicity Evans (verified owner)

    I have very fine, wavy/curly hair that goes to frizz if you so much as look at it the wrong way. I’ve tried any number of expensive ‘curly girl’ shampoos, but this little bar is the best I’ve found (combined with a little leave-in conditioner) at combatting the frizz and bringing out the curls, whether I leave it to dry naturally or dry with a diffuser (both of which normally risk frizz with one false move). Really great stuff!

  7. Melanie

    What a lovely review Naomi. thank you so much and how lovely for you to receive compliments too!

  8. Naomi (verified owner)

    I have tried several other shampoo bars for curly hair and never been satisfied with the results. One left my hair sticky and one left my hair dry and brittle. However this one from the instant I unwrapped it is a winner. It smells edible, and was so luxurious in its larther. It has left my hair soft and manageable. I have had several compliments today alone even from my husband!! Thank you very much for creating a wonderful product.

  9. Melanie

    Thank you Carolyn for your fab feedback and thanks for continuing to support us!

  10. Carolyn Nottingham (verified owner)

    I have been using shampoo soap bars for years but it is hit and miss about which ones are good . These are brilliant for my curly hair and last a long time , I especially like the opportunity to batch buy so I never run out 🙂

  11. Carolyn Nottingham (verified owner)

    I love these shampoo soap bars, I have been using them for a few months now (just buying another batch) . They are great for my curly hair and last ages .

  12. Melanie

    Thank you Katherine, we’re delighted to hear that you love the Shampoo bar

  13. Melanie

    Thanks Tania, it’ so nice to hear that she loved it!

  14. Katherine (verified owner)

    I love this soap for my long curly hair. I’ve tried to swap conventional shampoo for more ‘natural’ products in the past and found they don’t lather or leave my hair feeling clean. This bar lathers up beautifully, smells gorgeous and reduces frizz. Recommended!

  15. Tania

    I gave my hairdresser a bar of cantankerous curls for Christmas as she was a bit sceptical!!
    Needless to say she loves it. I love this soap as does my daughter. Thank you Sophie. x

  16. Melanie

    Thanks Ruby, delighted that you are so pleased with our Shampoo Bar… many thanks!

  17. Ruby (verified owner)

    So so pleased with this. I’ve not had much luck with sulfate free / co-washes in the past, they were either drying or left my hair feeling heavy and not really clean. This leaves my curls feeling clean and really moisturised and shiny. Great value and smells amazing! Thank you x

  18. Melanie

    Thank you Catalina, for your feedback. So delighted that you are benefitting from using it. We don’t have a conditioner bar at the moment, it’s a tricky one to make, but watch this space! In the meantime, if you feel that your hair needs a conditioner after using our soap then diluted vinegar rinses can be useful. I hope this helps…thank you!

  19. Catalina (verified owner)

    I’ve recently started going natural with my hair, and am scouring the internet for products that cleanse my curls, but don’t restrain them in chemicals. It’s been a nightmare! Until I discovered Cantankerous Curls. I had had enough of those overpowering chemicals of supermarket shampoo brands, and for a while I even went without washing my hair at all. My hair was greasy and tangled— my curls unrecognisable. I found this natural shampoo bar online one day and thought I’d give it a try. Even when I had only unwrapped it, I knew it was the one. It smells divine; sweet and light, but not too intense. I was also surprised to see that it lathered up really well! My curls were left feeling soft and bouncy. I definitely recommend this product!!

    I can’t wait for the conditioner bar to be launched!! However, in the meantime, I am unsure whether I need to pair this product with a conditioner as well… would you recommend anything?

  20. Melanie

    Thank you so much for your great feedback Carolyn

  21. Carolyn Nottingham (verified owner)

    I am a keen user of shampoo soap bars and II really love this one which has a light fragrance and is brilliant for my curly hair. The bar itself seems to remain solid as well and I would definitely recommend it.

  22. Melanie

    Thank you Alisha for your 1000% recommendation and review….awesome!

  23. Alisha Kiyani (verified owner)

    My first time ever using a shampoo bar and safe to say I’ve been converted. The ingredients list is basic and are all great for healthy hair. Smells great, leaves the hair with a distinct clean smell not too overpowering. Would 1000% recommend.

  24. Melanie

    Thank you Helen for your fab feedback, it is appreciated!

  25. Helen Rimmer (verified owner)

    I had moved to shampoo bars a few months ago to reduce plastic use. I trialled a few different brands and companies as I have curly hair that takes some taming. The name of this product first attracted me, as it is a perfect description of my hair. I am really pleased with this shampoo, it creates a beautiful rich feeling lather and leaves my hair feeling soft, manageable…..with the curls tamed. I definitely recommend this product.

  26. Melanie

    This is so good to hear Peter, thank you for your feedback

  27. Melanie

    We’re so delighted to receive your feedback, thank you Lily

  28. Peter Rohla

    The Shampoo Bar has been given to me as part of a Giftbox, as an Ex-Cancer patient I was looking for years to bring some relief to my very dry skin on my skull and face
    I’m certain I found it now

  29. Lily Jackson (verified owner)

    I’ve been looking for good quality, reasonably priced shampoo for a long time and out of everyone I’ve used (some being very expensive), this one is the best one!! as other people have said, a conditioner to match would be perfect too. I’ll never be going back to another shampoo anymore. thank you!!

  30. Melanie

    Many thanks for your fab feedback Sarah

  31. Sarah Townend (verified owner)

    I’ve tried a few shampoo bars fro my curly/frizzy hair and this is definitely the best I’ve found! Very glad I found it and as others have said, would love a conditioner too.

  32. Melanie

    Thank you Helene for your fab review…delighted you are benefiting from our Shampoo Bar!

  33. Helene Cox (verified owner)

    I have coarse, thick, curly hair and this shampoo bar does an excellent job of cleaning my hair and keeping the frizz at bay. It also helps me in my drive to cut down on plastics use, is free of unwelcome ingredients – and cruelty free too. Highly recommended! I agree that a conditioning product would be a great addition.

  34. Nia Humphreys (verified owner)

    I love this shampoo bar, my previously frizzy hair has become lovely and curly! My hairdresser was full of compliments too. The bar smells amazing and makes showering a much more relaxing experience. I’ve also swapped from using a normal towel on my hair to an old cotton pillowcase, it seems to keep the shape of my curls in place and eliminate any possible frizz. No going back to bottles for me!
    PS I would LOVE a conditioning bar too please !!!

  35. Sophie

    Thank you so much Lauren, that’s wonderful to hear! X

  36. Lauren Gordon (verified owner)

    This lathered really well (I get soft water) and has left my curls more defined than anything else I’ve tried. Just for context, I’m a 3A curly girl. With this being SLS, paraben, palm oil, plastic and cruelty free, I can’t recommend it enough! Been recommending it to all my curly friends and only wish I’d discovered it sooner!

  37. Sophie

    Hi Katie,

    Thank so much for your comment, we’re so glad you like the CC bar!

  38. Katie HERBERT (verified owner)

    I have tried other shampoo bars, but this one creates a lovely lather and leaves my hair feeling clean and soft – which is good for my curls.

  39. Sophie

    Wow, Alison, thank you so much for getting in touch, that’s fantastic! We’re so glad it is making a difference for you xx

  40. Alison Eden

    I’m 55. Grew up with natural curly hair that nobody knew how to handle. My gran who was a hair dresser in the ’30s would suppress it into a block of frizz. In the 80s I started going to black hair dressers who knew how to handle my hair and I discovered black hair products. But still it was a battle and an expensive one at that to keep my curls curls and not resemble a brillo pad. Then I discovered frizzease and serum which were very expensive, made my hair look great for a day and then either greasy and lank or back to frizz. I thought I’d found the perfect solution when a friend introduced me to DevaCurl. I spent hundreds of pounds importing litre bottles from the USA. Then came lockdown, economic pressures and I chanced upon your site and was curious about your soap for hair. I really don’t have the words to describe how perfect it is. No other product has ever left my hair feeling clean while preserving the curls. My partner is convinced my hair has grown stronger and longer. If I had the address for every person in the UK with curly hair I would personally write to them to say buy this product. Curly girls know this matters! Every day now is a good hair day and that’s NEVER happened before!

  41. Sophie

    That’s great to hear, thank you so much Jane x

  42. Jane Matthews (verified owner)

    I ordered this for my daughter who has long, thick, wavy hair. This is the only shampoo that has tamed her frizz! She loves it and is looking forward to trying the conditioner bars once they are launched.

  43. Sophie

    Hi Karen, thanks so much for your feedback, that’s lovely!

  44. Karen Marshall

    Love this. I’m curly and really didn’t think shampoo would make a difference to having a good curl or a bad curl hair day. I thought it was all about product. This shampoo bar smells great, is good on the environment and leaves me with fabulous unfrizzy curls. I’ve sent a bar to my favourite curly friend. Try it.

  45. Sophie

    Thank you so much for the feedback Philippa, we’re so pleased you like our shampoo bar!

  46. Philippa Starkey (verified owner)

    I’m totally converted! Won’t be using anything else ever again. I have had a really sensitive dry, itchy scalp for years and have had no success in finding anything to solve it or sooth it previously, and I also have quite nutty frizzy hair. I chose to try this because I knew the chemicals in ordinary shampoos were probably part of the problem with my skin and this shampoo bar has sorted all of those problems and more and in such a short space of time! It’s instantly soothed my scalp and softened my locks so much whilst making them squeaky clean. I genuinely didn’t expect such a fantastic result from a little bar but it really is wonderful. I love it!

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