Sud-Standard Soap Scraps

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Generous portions of off-cuts and sud-standard soaps


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Grab yourself a bargain and stock up on all your favourite scent?

Our sud-standard scraps are beautifully presented in a little bag, with each bag containing a generous minimum of 200g of the ends of the soap loaves.

Each bag contains just one scent and is labelled with ingredients and allergens.

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Weight200 g

12 reviews for Sud-Standard Soap Scraps

  1. Melanie

    Thank you Carol …. a lucky dip is always fun !

  2. Carol Porter (verified owner)

    I love ordering these soaps. Unpacking the parcel is just like a Lucky Dip. I also love the little free square of soap included in my package. So glad I discovered you in a Dartmoor gift shop all those years ago

  3. Melanie

    Thanks Susan and so glad that your granddaughter has benefited from using it

  4. Susan Allison

    Your unscented goats milk soap has worked a treat on my wee granddaughters eczema.

  5. Melanie

    Thanks again Sophie for your fab review …glad you’re able to collect locally too!

  6. Sophie (verified owner)

    As others have said, I ordered these to bring a bit of luxury into my every day routine in an economical way. There was great communication and a brilliant ‘lucky dip’ selection of soaps and shampoos which will last a very long time as the bags are a very generous size! It is also great that you can arrange local collection at a convenient time and reduce postal service strain through the pandemic. Thanks, will be coming back!

  7. Sophie

    Thank you so much for your feedback Annemarie!

  8. Annemarie Casey-Cuthbert (verified owner)

    The scrap bags are such good value. It’s astonishing how much soap is included.
    I received the goats’ milk variety and it’s so nice….it looks and smells like fudge! Really mild on the skin too which is so important if you suffer from skin sensitivity. It’s a great way of trying a new soap.

  9. Sophie

    That’s wonderful, thank you so much Dawn, we’re so glad you like it!

  10. Dawn (verified owner)

    Ordered a scrap bag to try out your soaps and received the explorer bar soap. Noting that you can use it as a shaving bar I tested it. Lathers beautifully and was easy to use. Having sensitive skin I regularly get a rash but was pleased that my skin remained calm and comfortable. Fantastic.

  11. Sophie

    Thanks Katy! We’re so glad you like them!

  12. Katy Salmon (verified owner)

    Loads of lovely soap! This is an excellent way to try different ones and the pieces are ideal to take with you

  13. Sophie

    Thanks Vitha! x

  14. Vitha (verified owner)

    These are brilliant for travelling. Just take a small piece away with you and use it all up – saves space and no need to pack up wet soap at the end of your trip!

  15. Sophie

    Thanks so much for your feedback Catherine, we’re so glad you like your soap!

  16. Catherine (verified owner)

    So delighted I ordered one of these, I got rose scent and it’s fabulous. You get so much for your money and helping the envionment too with eco friendly paper packaging. So pleased, thank you

  17. Sophie

    Hi Celia, Many thanks for your comment. We hope you enjoy using the soaps!

  18. Celia Dymonds (verified owner)

    Wow. Just opened my parcel. I knew what it was from the gorgeous smell before i opened it and was stunned to see how much soap is in 1 sud standard package! Thought it would be a good way to try several soaps and now I can’t wait to use them all. Thanks very much 🙂

  19. Sophie

    No problem at all Carol, I’m sorry we were short of your scent! Thanks so much for your order.

  20. Carol (verified owner)

    Just bought some more sud soaps. Sophie was two packs short of what I had requested so she gave me THREE extra including some gardeners soap and some shampoo bars. Thank you Sophie. While it is true I have loads of soap now I may have to order more nearer to Christmas. Keep up the brilliant work. Many many thanks

  21. Sophie

    Oh my word thank you so much Emma, that’s so kind of you! You have made our day..we hope you continue to enjoy our products!x

  22. Emma (verified owner)

    Lovely, lovely, lovely LOVELY!!!!!! such a beautiful array of soaps; an economical way of buying luxury; Sophie and the team make the most exquisite soaps available. I love my soaps and enjoyed brands like ‘lush’ in the past, but Dartmoor Soap make far superior products; the fragrance lingers on your skin like an expensive perfume; go on, treat yourself. I brought 10 and I’ve just ordered another 10! Thanks Sophie, keep up the hard work and please, please don’t change! beautiful soaps and first class customer service from Sophie and the team. By the way; these would make ideal stocking fillers.

  23. Sophie

    Hi Carol, thanks so much again for your order! x

  24. carolporteruk (verified owner)

    I recently bought 10 of these packets. 5 lavender (beautifully perfumed undies and socks!) The other 5 were for sensitive skin. I have a selection. Thank you very much

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