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NEW sample soap sizes available in all our scents.

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The Dartmoor Soap Company follows an ancient artisan recipe to make beautiful, natural soaps using the traditional cold-process method. Each soap is hand stirred, hand cut and individually decorated.

We are often asked if we sell smaller sizes of our larger bars so that customers can sample several scents. These new sample sizes are the perfect way to do just this! Available in all our scents.

Each online order also receives one of these samples for free, chosen at random.

In a nutshell our soaps are:

  • Made using ingredients locally sourced on Dartmoor
  • Our lavender is grown here in our garden on Dartmoor
  • Our honey and beeswax comes from a local apiarist in North Bovey
  • All (bar one!) of our soaps are made with pure spring water from Dartmoor
  • Our Dartmoor Ale soap is made with undiluted, local, real Ale

Our soaps are also free from SLS, SLR & palm oil, contain no animal fats and are made using 100% natural oils. All our products have been assessed by an independent cosmetic safety assessor.

Current Guest Soap Range:

Spirit Of The Moor Soap – A clean, refreshing bar. Perfect after a long hack on the moor.

Unscented Dartmoor Goat’s Milk Soap – Our classic creamy moisturising bar, suitable for sensitive skins

Dartmoor Lavender Soap – with lavender grown on Dartmoor

Dartmoor Honey, Oats & Almond Soap – with honey from North Bovey

Dartmoor Rose Soap – with rose petals grown on Dartmoor

Fig & Honey Soap – with honey from North Bovey

A Dartmoor Gardener’s Soap – with eucalyptus & orange essential oils, plus pumice for exfoliation

A Dartmoor Explorer’s Bar – with eucalyptus and lemon essential oils to revive the senses!

Dartmoor Goat’s Milk Soap – with lavender & sandalwood essential oils and goats’ milk from a Dartmoor herd

A Gentleman’s Bar – with peppermint & lemon essential oils (plus a little pumice)

Dartmoor Ale Bar – made with undiluted local Ale (smelling of sweet hops)

A Mischievous Mutt’s Shampoo Bar – one for the dog friendly residences!

Orange & Cinnamon Soap – with orange & cinnamon essential oils

Lemon Mint Soap – a refreshing morning wake-up call

Devon Sea Salt Soap – with local sea salt

Unscented – the original skin aware soap

Luscious Locks Shampoo Bar – a nourishing bar with avocado and coconut oils

Cantankerous Curls – natural vegan shampoo bar made with moisturising castor oil and scented with Cedarwood and Sweet Orange essential oils.

Terrific Tresses – a nourishing shampoo bar made with coconut & olive oils for cleansing, castor oil for adding shine & a rich lather and cocoa butter to lock in extra moisture

Each soap weighs a minimum of 15g

Please also note that all our soaps are handmade in small batches here at The Dartmoor Soap Company HQ on Dartmoor, Devon. Due to the nature of the handmade process bars may vary slightly in shape. Each bar’s minimum weight, however, is identical and clearly labelled in line with UK guidelines for cosmetic products.

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Weight15 g

Cantankerous Curls, Dartmoor Ale Bar, Dartmoor Lavender Soap, Dartmoor Rose Soap, Devon Sea Salt Soap, Explorer’s Bar, Facial Bar, Fig & Honey Soap, Gardener’s Soap, Gentleman’s Bar, Goat’s Milk Soap, Gold Bar, Honey, Oats & Almond Soap, Lemon Mint Soap, Luscious Locks, Mischievous Mutt’s Shampoo Bar, Orange & Cinnamon Soap, Terrific Tresses, Unscented, Spirit Of The Moor Soap, Unscented Dartmoor Goat’s Milk Soap



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