A Luxurious Winter Soak

There’s nothing better than a good long soak in a bath to wash away the stress and tension of a long day, especially in these colder months… and it’s really important to look after yourself and slow down a little. Things have been a little hectic in 2020, so take the time to have a breather and practice some good old self care.

Here are a few tips to ensure you have the most relaxing, luxurious winter soak to help you unwind and rejuvenate. 

1. First of all… turn off your phone

Mobile phones are always by our side at the moment – social media, emails, text messages, shopping… you name it, our phones have it! Phones cause an unnecessary amount of stress and the goal of self-care is to concentrate on you and leave the noise of the world in that phone. Switch it off and enjoy some uninterrupted time alone without any notifications.

2. Add Bath Salts and Oils to your bath

A cozy bath just wouldn’t be complete without some natural oils and salts to relax your muscles, reduce stress, moisturise your skin and help you wind-down. Our relaxing Bath Salts are an aromatic blend of mineral salts and pure essential oils that will help relax your mind and body. Our Nourishing Bath and Body Oil will nurture your skin nourish your senses. You can also rub this directly into your skin in a circular motion to release the power of the aromatic blend. 

3. Add some mood lighting – Candles

As your bath is running, light some lovely natural candles and place them around the room and bathtub. You’ll feel like you’ve entered a spa… it really makes such a difference. Our lovely hand-poured candles are created using a special in-house blend of soy and coconut waxes and pure aromatherapy essential oils and they release a beautiful natural scent, which will add to your spa like experience!

4. Tuck into a good book 

This allows you to let go of your worries and enter a new world where you’re not focusing on your to-do list and chores! It’s been shown that reading a book can slow your heart rate, ease anxiety and stress and even relax your muscles! So, pick up that book and escape into a different world for an hour or 2.


And make sure you make this a weekly or monthly ritual… everyone deserves to pamper and take care of themselves. 

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