As 2021 approaches we have been reflecting back on the last 11 months. What a year 2020 has been. We hit the ground running in early January with our Countryfile piece being included again in a special Cottage Industries episode and have not looked back since then!

What a wonderful experience to have been part of. We are so grateful to have been given the opportunity to share the story of our little boy’s eczema and subsequently to have been able to help so many other sufferers, both big and little. Having ditched the prescribed creams in favour of our very first unscented, natural soap Sebastian’s skin is now as clear as anything and he can even indulge in the odd coloured bubble bath now and again!!

For the bigger sufferers amongst us we would always recommend using the unscented soaps of which we now have 3. The first original unscented bar is fantastic for all skin types and has proved extremely successful on a range of skin conditions from eczema to psoriasis.

The second addition to our unscented range is made with fresh local goat’s milk which produces a wonderfully creamy, moisturising lather and our third, extremely popular soap is the direct result of a collaboration with Taw River Dairy. We use their wonderfully creamy gold top milk from Jersey Cows to make another unscented Gold Bar soap, perfect for calming the most sensitive of skins.

As we have always said we can’t prescribe soaps to suit specific skin conditions but we can share with you our own experiences and those of others who have benefited from using our products. Here are just a few testimonials we have received over the last 2 years (and a HUGE thank you to all who have given feedback!).

April 2018: I started using goat’s milk soap to stop the skin on my arms and legs getting flaky, especially in winter. It works! I can thoroughly recommend it. And it feels lovely and silky too.

Feb 2018: My mum brought me an amazing soap which was featured on country file in 2016 which literally cleared my little boys eczema overnight.

Oct 2017: Hi. Just to let you know the soaps arrived today, thank you so much. My daughter has used it twice already and we can’t believe the result. Will let you know how we go. Very happy and excited.

Oct 2017: This soap is lovely – my skin would like to thank it for being so kind!

June 2017: Really great for cleansing the skin, gives a new meaning to washing will definitely be ordering more soon.

June 2017: Lovely creamy soap

Aug 2017: My grandchildren suffer from eczema and we were told by our friends to try using the Dartmoor unscented soap. Although it is still early days the soap seems to have eased the discomfort so hopefully with further use it will do the trick.

July 2016: Great granddaughter has a skin complaint medication prescribed didn’t help it but the soap has. Very pleased.

June 2016: This was purchased for my great granddaughter as she had a problem rash medication wasn’t helping she has been using the soap and the irritation seems to have gone away

June 2016: I just had to let you know your soap is beautiful. I gave a bar to my granddaughter who suffers with acute psoriasis, her hands were splitting and bleeding but after using the soap they are smooth and soft. 

May 2016: Fantastic product, it has helped many family members who have skin disorders.